If you are a victim of Yahoo Search or MyWebSearch taking over your PC in Firefox, here is the fix to restore it back to Google...

  1. Type about:config in Firefox location bar and press Enter
  2. Type keyword in Filter textbox and you will see the preference keyword.URL.
  3. Right-click on keyword.URL and select "Reset"

To remove the AVG toolbar in Firefox...

  1. In the Firefox menu: Tools > Add-ons > Disable AVG Security Toolbar.
  2. Restart Firefox.

Check for any recently installed programs in the Windows Control Panel and uninstall them if they look suspect.

Avoiding the AVG Search Settings when Upgrading

When AVG installs it shows a screen with two tickboxes to install the AVG marketing toolbar and to change your default search engine. At this point you need to untick those boxes. Its easy to miss - and most people just blindly click continue.

In Firefox you can uninstall the AVG Tool bar - through Tools/Add-ons/Extensions as mentioned above. But keep the AVG Safe Search enabled - as this is the bit that screens the sites.


This page is offered in the hope it may help some people out there on the web from one user to another. We get as anyoyed with these poor marketing practices as much as you. I don't know why they still engage in it - it only build a hatred and bad reputation for their own companies.

BottomupWebs is certainly not responsible for the actions of AVG, Yahoo, MyWebSearch or any other third party Software provider.

So for complaints, contact the Software providers directly and give them an earfull! {jcomments off}