The times below are typical only, and should just be used as a guide.

Event Time Description
AU Domain Transfer Delay 48hrs Cool off time before transfer initiates, after transfer has been authorised. AU Domains only. Gives people time to change their minds before the transfer goes ahead.
Domain Transfer 12-48hrs This is the time to propergate the Domain changes worldwide after the transfer has been completed. Ie: Transfering from to This time may be sooner for local ISP's.
Domain Registration 0-48hrs This is the time to properate the Domain changes worldwide after a new domain has been registered. Will happen instantly for some local ISP's.
Domain Management Changes instant Time to rerouting to another NS server at Domain level. Assumes that the users ISP does not caches the NS server settings. (Westnet might do this).
Cpanel Changes instant For things like rerouting to another directory, new mail boxes, etc.