Some Free programs will change the search settings for Firefox (and other browsers). Programs like mywebsearch and AVG can hijack your browser.

First delete any programs that may have installed themselves on your computer... Windows Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features.

Next, remove any add-ons that may have been installed in Firefox. You can do this through Tools>Addons, or press CONTROL+SHIFT+A

Set your default search engine to Google...

firefox keyword3

Now for the tricky bit...

Changing the Firefox location bar back to Google...


In the Firefox address bar type "about:config"

Click on "I'll be careful, I promise!" button

firfox keyword

Step 2:

Type "keyword" in the search box. The keyword.URL should either be blank, or have the Google.address.

If it isn't, click on the keyword.URL field, then right click to get a pop-up menu. Select modify and paste in

firefox keyword2

More info: