Fixing the URL Keyword Search

Has Firefox been hijacked by Myweb, Conduit or AVG?

This is how to fix the keyword URL search.

If when typing one or two words in the URL/Location/Address Bar sends you to hijacked search page, to reset it back...

  1. Enter about:config in the address/URL bar
  2. Accept the warning (Promise that you will be careful)
  3. Filter = keyword.URL
  4. Right click on the keyword.URL and choose "Reset"
  5. Filter = conduit, right-click on any items and choose "Reset"
  6. Filter = myweb, right-click on any items and choose "Reset"
  7. Restart Firefox (File > Restart Firefox)

If this doesn't work - set the keyword.URL to...


For More Info:

Uninstalling Toolbars and Adware Programs

Remove any toolbars that these bad boys might have installed via the Firefox add-ons menu > extensions tab.

Double check Windows Control Panel for recently installed programs - and uninstall these.


Avoid installing any free "software"

  1. From Stores (Ikea)
  2. Smile Box
  3. Registry Editors

Unless it is an open source community project, nothing is free! They usually pay for themselves by exposing you to advertising.

More Info...