Setting up

Step1: From the Google Workspace Admin Control Panel, email delegation needs to be actived. It is usually deactived by default.This setting is under Settings > Email > Mail Delegation

This setting can take 30min to become effective.

Step 2: Once this is done, open a different browser and log into the shared email account (the one for delegation) and select the Gear Icon >  Settings > Accounts > Grant access to your account:> Add another account. Follow the prompts.

Step 3: A confirmation email will be sent to the delegate's email account. You will need to log into this account and accept the delegation.

Then wait another 30min for settings to take effect.

Step 4: Use Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook and update the profile. On the delgate's PC, choose Google Workspace Sync > Add account for delegation - and follow the prompts.

Delegation Notes

  • There is only one level of access.

  • Sent mail from the delegate on behalf of a shared email will be in the delegates inbox - not the shared email. If this is neccessary - CC in the shared email.