In GMail calendar: goto Settings -> Calendars -> Export Calendars to download a ZIP of your calendars in ICAL format.

In Google Workspace calendar: goto Settings -> Calendars -> Import. It will then ask which calendar to import into. Entries will be added to that calendar.


To preserve contact groups, each group needs to be migrated individually.

In GMail contacts: under More -> Export and save to Google’s CSV format. 

In Google Workspace Contacts: under More -> Import.


To migrate emails we first setup either Outlook or Thunderbird to connect with both accounts. Then we drag and drop emails using Outlook or Thunderbird from one account to the other.

As an alternative, the Google Workspace migration tool may work (but we haven't tested this method). A Google Workspace business account is required for this tool to work.


Use Google Task Porter...

More info of Google Task Porter here:

More info:

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