Google Reviews

What are Google Reviews?

Google Business reviews are written by your customers. They have more validity to testimonials as they are posted up by your customers and not by you as the business owner.

This can be a double edged sword, because businesses owners cannot control who reviews them - or how many stars they will receive.

Don't get disheartened if you get a bad review. The way to recover from bad reviews is by receiving more positive reviews. Besides, it looks suspicious if a business only has positive reviews.

Customers can give reviews via Google Maps and after Google Search results. Reviews were once submitted on the Business Google+ page, however in November 2015, Google removed this feature.

How does a Customers give a Review?


Direct your customers to your Google Map page. At the bottom there is a "WRITE A REVIEW" link.

The Organic Website Maps page looks like this [Click here].

google review1


Ask your customer to fill in the details. They will need to give you a star rating before the "Post" button becomes active.

google review2


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